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NW3C Receives 2020 Open Source Non-Profit of the Year!

by User Not Found | Oct 07, 2020
NW3C was awarded 2020 Open Source Non-Profit of the Year by OSMOSIScon during the first annual Open Source Awards. This award is given to a “non-profit whose visionary open source work has excelled in serving the organization’s mission and whose distinguished achievements have resulted in substantial progress toward improving society and human lives.”


A group of judges reviews each nomination to ensure they are “exemplary innovators and nimble leaders who demonstrate a commitment to community service and mentoring.” You can learn more about the 2020 OSMOSIScon awards here.

Through grant funding from various federal agencies, NW3C is able to provide high-quality, industry-leading training for FREE. NW3C offers training and support materials through classroom training, online training, webinars, and investigative resources.

NW3C offers a variety of training on open source intelligence including the live online class Basic Cyber Investigations: Dark Web & Open Source Intelligence, where students learn how to conduct successful online investigations through: topics including IP addresses and domains, an overview of currently popular online social media platforms, best practices for building an undercover profile, foundational knowledge related to the dark web, and recovery of forensic evidence from the dark web. This popular class is led by expert instructors in a virtual environment.

NW3C also offers a self-paced online course, Introduction to Social Media and Networking, that provides: an introduction to the digital space, an explanation of law enforcement uses of social media and networking services, the value of open source intelligence, and important considerations such as social media policies, ethics, and privacy issues associated with social media and networking services.

There are also a variety of on-demand webinars that can be taken at any time relating to open source intelligence:

*NW3C training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners.

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